I noticed that one of the most important thing in our life are "hugs".
They give us energy, warmth and we keep in our mind, memory of them for long long time.

Have you ever notice that a "Shawl" is a real representation of hug?
A shawl is a gift, a special hug that we make for people we love. We can knit it or crochet and give to offer affection to someone we love but also we can make it just for us if we need cuddles.

A magical accessory to wear, to offer, to wrap ourselves, to give as a Christmas present, or just to say "I love you with all my heart" to someone.

The Wild Atlantic Way is born from the warmth I found in the enchanting land of Ireland. It's my special thanks to all people I met there and are still in my heart.

you can find it here: