In a sunny day of last november we unloaded in Rosslare harbour, after three long days spend crossing part of italy and france. We were exhausted but happy to arrive in our new house "the fairy cottage" in Cross wood.
But we didn't know that was only the first of our moving.
So after five months there, we have just moved again, in a bigger and brightest white house.
Now I'm working to organize my creative place, and I have just started design new crochet patterns. I had to create something nice for my special dining table, so placemats have had the priority.

Join granny squares made with my cotton stash that I bought one years ago for making mandalas, and I brought with me in Emerald Island.

Placemats suit lovely on my new strange table. It was a cable reel, that my hubby modify and design. Giving it a new life, in our dining room. 

Now I'm working to a new project. I don't reveal nothing about it, only that's a crocheted creation and it will arrive very soon. 

I don't really know how many people follow me, but please if you read my post let me know if you'd like that I publish the placemat pattern free on my Ravelry, or if you are interested in my hubby designs.