My new creation “ I believe I can fly” is born from the idea that everyone in the world, is Special. We have wings for fly high in the sky. We have only to believe, and we will reach our aims, our dreams. 
We must only Believe and fly off.
I know that you will reply to me: "That's easy to say, but hard to do it"
Yes, it's true.
Hard to do, but not impossible.
Every human being is a Special one, and deserve to be recognised.

If you'd like it, you can find the pattern here.
This is not only a crochet pattern, this is a way to test yourself,  and realize you are Unique. 
I don't tell you my life was and it's easy, I tell you that all difficulties I have met on my way, have only helped me to understand how many liars there are worldwide, on the other hand I have learnt how many beautiful and pure Souls exist.
Take care of you